The Current Flow, Mid-November 2009

Unlike all earlier predictions now we have just one single point of view instead of the usual World, Business, Technology and Lifestyle categories.

A new era of reforms started this autumn spanning all areas of interest the Flow covers.
From now on The World Is Digital.

The Language

Digital made English the universal language of the web representing it’s mother tongue, the Western culture.
As China takes over the analog world their language is predicted to dominate internet soon.


Technology driven Transparency, open software as a model of Government will replace the current, media driven state control. Think in Pirate Bay and Pirate Party.

News, New Media

Old media is struggling against the nature of the internet by building paywalls and prolonging the agony when 84% of all internauts are ignoring ads, the industry’s single revenue source.

They are far behind innovation — new ideas like augmented reality, the future of visual entertainment are comming from internet not from media factories.

Business Models

Money no longer matters when the price is less than free.

Businesses did not yet realized the asymmetric nature of the internet: when you think you are in charge it turns out your customers are who are really making you.


The rule of thumb, the name of the game is Attention. Attention adds the value not the package or fame.
Instead of money time becomes the factor.

In such environment virtual goods might value more than classical branding and identity products.

Profit will become fun and personal, the measure of life experience, not a thing accumulated by various specialized institutions.


Analog and Digital are finally capable to fully sense each other, to recognize a common border.

Real time web — already through Twitter, Facebook and their forthcoming peers like life recorders and logs — is building the living digital sphere around the world, in the cloud.

Augmented reality will give you a choice when waking up in the morning which simulacra to enter.


Progressive countries — Finland, Spain — are making the right to digital to be universal as the freedom of speach.

Others who have many to loose are taking internet — and so the real democracy — as a public enemy by trying to enforce cenzorship and infect the society with peer-to-peer surveillance.

The Evolutionary Incentive

We think greed, fear, power and influence are common forces driving our analog world.
It turns out there are more subtle mechanisms interested in driving biological life towards the digital.

Adoption and Entry Level

As they say it is too low; the new generation said enough to classic ways of beeing — work, work, work for money — and they are adapting at a youngest age to the new horizons.


Capitalism used democracy for expansion. The new democracy is education.

The Driving Force

Is the Open. Pillars Of All Existing are opening up.
Thousands of years dominated by partially hidden control structures now are striking back: everything wants to be known, demands attention; hidden simply cannot survive, global secrets are not sustainable anymore when the smallest details could change a world.


Everybody will realize soon the fun and profitable nature of metaprogramming. We won’t need external programmers –PR firms, hollywood movies, pop scientists — to operate on our resources.

Once we will witness the birth of another simulacra — the internet as a living universe — reality as is today won’t be taken so serious anymore.

Once we will connect all existings worlds together and found the common denominator new universes and lives will be created instantly — yet again just for fun and profit.

We will become our personal servers even if from outside some of us will be seen as practicing a zombie lifestyle.

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