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I’m a male, 33 year old geek in IT since 1990 when I first met the Commodore 64 in high school.

Since then in those 20 years I was everything from simple programmer to tech support engineer to entrepreneur, project manager, application designer, startup founder, country manager, business development director and now freelancer.

I have average skills in everything — far from being a rockstar but always enjoying what I am doing.

And Ruby and Rails will be my future.

The Spark

I remember when I first have heard about Ruby and Python was when running cathaia, a bringing networks to life company I’ve founded in Dublin/Ireland and Budapest/Hungary.

My fellow mentor lead developer said he will choose Python instead of Ruby because of the philosophy.

I was wondering why emotions are so important and I took the conclusion the programming language market is full with solutions, there must be a huge redundancy out there, and coders finally have the luxury of freedom to choose whatever language they want. Fantastic!

Being Alone

After many adventures in the software business I came to a conclusion the heart is a lonely hunter: be not employed, do no employing, no founding, no more capital venturists, no more corporate clients, no more administration, bureaucracy, begging for designers to finish the visual part of the product, no more meetings and team buildings etc etc.

I quit when I was country manager for the world’s biggest engineering company and trying to build projects together with the government meetingĀ  ministers and politicians doing heavy lobby.

The Show

I was jumping directly into the show business founding a dj booking service / event management company organizing parties, music festivals, btl marketing actions, advertising in tv/radio/print/outdoor and internet.

Here I’ve learned about both the mainstream and the underground: how things are working today in media, how companies are connected to customers through various channels — and — how young people respond to all these on their own way, on their forums.

The Change In Tools and Ways

I have a solid pattern in my life: when beeing busy with something, ie. I should, I supposed to do my regular job whatever that might be something suddenly takes away my attention, I became fatally attracted to something new caring no more about the old.

I simply realize the new way is better than everything in the old.

This is how I’ve met Rails and DHH. When business planning a huge festival I’ve started to write a budgeting and event programming webapp in Rails.

In life you are bursting yourself into many adventures looking for something. You are making and using tools, finding and buildingĀ  ways to achieve the something. No matter the something — the tools you use are the most important.

Either they will make you happy or making your life harder.

Mind Your Own Business

That’s what Rails is. If were not built on Ruby would not be successful — nobody can stand DHH.

He is young, he is an outsider (not invented in US), he is damn pretty successful, rich, independent, does and talks what he wants, where he wants.

DHH is free. We are not. And that is a more than enough source for envy and rage. Fuck and kill Jesus.

But. First of all, Rails is a tool and a way. Not a community, not an open source project, not a Messiah and not a democracy. If you want to follow the 37Signals way trust their tools, they are proven.

If not you are free to do whatever you want: rant, move on, get media attention, create your own tribe. Create your own tribe based on Ruby and Rails even. Show another way which satisfies other people, even more people.
Rails won’t be richer or poorer because of you. You can become richer or poorer because of Rails.

Hello, it is not DHH, it is you!

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  1. Gravatar

    Sure, there is no Rails or Ruby community. But then why write this? And submit it to Rubyflow, a Ruby community site?


    04 / 29 / 11:14
  2. Gravatar

    I just felt bad about the pr0n story and this was my answer.

    04 / 29 / 11:56
  3. Gravatar

    I did not said there is no Ruby and Rails community:

    “But. First of all, Rails is a tool and a way. Not a community, not an open source project, not a Messiah and not a democracy. “

    04 / 29 / 12:20
  4. Gravatar

    Sorry that you feel that way, but ruby is also a community. I have a very similar past to yours, (although i was on the atari bandwagon back then until the Amiga came out). Ruby , PHP, Python, Java, etc… all are not only tools but also communities.

    You are missing out on a large part of the fun by looking at a language as nothing more than a tool. I co-organized Merbday Atlanta last year precisely because I identify with the ruby community. I am assistant organizer with the Atlanta Ruby User Group because I find in that group many like minded individuals who share a common interest with me.

    The ruby community has traditionally been quite different from other language communities. Ruby folks have been friendly, comforting, helpful, and genuinely nice. I think as the popularity of ruby increases, the discourse has begun to mirror that in other open source communities, and the niceness has been somewhat diluted. Its no longer a little community, but it is still a community. If you ignore that, you are missing out on half the fun :)

    04 / 30 / 16:27
  5. Gravatar


    On community I was referring on Rails only and saying first of all is a tool and a way, then a community. Ruby community might be different than Rails.

    I have a strange feeling about Rails as community: I see more chaos than order by everything changing so fast. When trying to build something in Rails I have to spend hours to see if that particular part of my application is written already or not.

    And yes, being part of a community first of all must be fun. But in order to be part of the community first one should feel comfortable with the tool and a way.

    I wrote this post in defense of rails and DHH, for non-rubyist and railsist firts of all. And i’m sure I’ll be part of these communities very soon.

    05 / 01 / 19:58

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