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Lili Sandu, in lenjerie intima cu cateva zile inainte sa nasca

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Lili Sandu s-a pozat în lenjerie intimă cu câteva zile înainte să nască.

Fanii au apreciat această poză:
“Femeile însărcinate sunt cele mai frumoase !!!!🤰👼 În poza asta nu pari deloc «mare», adică, în celelalte poze, pare o burtică măricică. 🤗 Naștere ușoară !!!! ❤️ (P.S.: De ce nu ai pus textul și în română? Pt că mie nu-mi dă traducere și am citit «printre rânduri».” 😂🙈)

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#ChallengeAccepted Actually I really didn’t think I was going to participate in this challenge…bc to be honest I felt that it was another one of those challenges a little superficial where we all declare that we love each other and support us like a sisterhood but we all know that the reality is different. Yes, there are great exceptions of amazing women that I know and praise for, but in all my career years most of the hate I’ve got was from Women! But i accepted this Challenge and here’s why: “This challenge started in Turkey as a result of Femicide. Aka the international killing of females bc they are female. The black and white challenge was created due the frustration of always seeing black and white photos of women who have been killed. Women in Turkey began posting black and white photos on social media last week to protest against femicide and domestic violence and to grieve the violent death of 27 year university student who was brutally murdered by ex boyfriend this month.” The challenge is Us standing in solidarity for all the women around the world, many of them here in Romania also, that are going thru this trauma and other difficult times, demanding change and a voice for the voiceless. Your black and white photo is to empower other women as your sister, because many men still disregard us and what we are worth. I think the power of a woman is her courage to be vulnerable bc at the end of the day we are all the same, with same imperfections! Let’s inspire each other and stand up for a great cause. #womenempoweringwomen

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“Ce mesaj frumos! Plin de iubire ❤️Să ai o naștere ușoară și cât mai multe momente minunate alături de puiul tău! 😘”

“Ai dreptate, cel mai mult hate, fiind femeie, îl primești de la femei.😐”

“Aceste momente sunt magice😇🙏🏻!!!! Nu se mai întorc!!! Niște emotii de nedescris. Eu, înainte să nasc, plângeam că nu vreau să nasc,🤣🤣🤣😂așa de mult îmi plăcea această stare!!! (Te admir mult!!! Sunt din Chidinau😉) naștere usoara!!! Și să vedeți încă câteeee emoții frumoase vă așteaptă!!!”…



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